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Overjoyed and Overwhelmed - Thank You

Hello Everyone,

I am overjoyed and overwhelmed by your support of me and The Celebration of Life Event. You all came out in the middle of a blizzard to show support to the people that their loved ones to violence. Your unselfish acts proves that we are a united people and we stand up for what is right. The proceeds made from yesterday's Winter Bowl Fundraiser will be used towards the sponsorship of Celebration of Life March 29, 2015. The Celebration of Life Event was a devine inspiration that started off small to honor one individual (or so I thought); however, this has now grown into something way beyond/bigger than me; GOD sure knows how to move. God has blessed me to be able to honor the lives of others affected by violence as well. I am truly living in my purpose. The fullfillment I've expierenced from talking to the families of all the honoree's has been life changing and for that; I am thankful.

Again, I thank each and every one of you for your love and support.

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