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I have One Shot At You

I had an interaction with an employee that started off routine (an upset employee and me trying to calm him down); however this, meeting was far from routine, the conversation quickly went from his dissatisfaction with the process to the secret to happiness (he said to be accepting of oneself and love yourself), to being aware of your shortcomings so they don’t hinder you; he even recommended a book for me to read (How to be your own best friend). But the biggest impact from this conversation is that he leaned in closely, eyes fixed on mine and he said “ I can tell that you are caring woman, well spoken, educated, someone that truly loves others but the main reason why I am sharing all of this with you is because I have one shot at you. And maybe something I said today will tickle your mind provoke your thoughts in a way they have not been provoked before. He said if I have accomplished that then my job here is done, not my job as a physician but my job as a human being”. WOW… how powerful was that. Since that day, I have kept those words in the forefront of my mind and with every interaction I try to live in the moment because I only have one shot at you.

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