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Thank you for being apart of Women Living In Purpose events!

Celebration of Life

Detroit Police Department Crime Victims Peace Walk

Bowl for a cause fundraiser

Women empowerment luncheon

Women's networking event

Tell Me Your Two Minute Announcement (TMA) 

The Celebration of Life Event was created by the founder of Women Living In Purpose, Stephanie Richards. The idea was birthed out of Stephanie’s desire to redirect the negative impact that violence reeked in the lives of her family and friends lives. Stephanie’s friend Edna Washington, lost her son Shannon Mullen Jr. during a senseless shooting that claimed his life. Stephanie noticed that Edna would fall into a deep depression on the anniversary of Shannon’s death; it was then that Stephanie says divine intervention stepped in and Celebration of Life was born. Shortly thereafter; Stephanie’s aunt Randa Anderson fell victim to a hit and run where her body was dragged for blocks and her body left at the scene. Violence can be direct or indirect if gone unspoken. Crime Stoppers of Michigan is known in the community for helping to solve crimes and give voices to the victims as well as their families. Women Living In Purpose is proud that Crime Stoppers of Michigan jumped right in and was happy to assist with providing families that needed a little peace and goodness in their lives after being victimized and affected by violence. This event is to honor those lives whom have fell victim to violence and or whom have lost their lives tragically. The goal of this event is to place the focus back on the lives of their loved ones in a positive light by remembering the good times and reclaiming the lives of their loved ones; no longer being a victim. For some this event will bring closure; for others this event will be a path to healing and hopefully for all; this event will bring a little joy and belief that people in their community cares about them and their loved ones. It is Stephanie's hope that one day soon senseless violence will end and we can all begin to celebrate a crimeless community that is known for speaking up and standing up for one another.

3RD Annual Celebration of Life Event

June 10, 2017

Crime Stoppers of Michigan

Walk for peace in honor of Christopher Stinson - May 2016

Prom dress giveaway - June 2016

Adopt a family 2016 Pop up bake sale fundraiser at Carhartt in Dearborn MI Nov 30, 2016 8AM-1PM

Adopt a family 2016 Jumbo spuds fundraiser at Club Temptations in Detroit MI Dec 7, 2016 6-9PM

Adopt a family 2016 luncheon and gift presentation with families at Greater Mt. Zion Church Detroit MI Dec 10, 2016 1-3PM

2ND Annual Celebration of Life Event

Date: Saturday March 26, 2016

Time: 5:00pm-8:00pm

Location: Greater Mt. Zion Baptist Church 15600 Evanston St. Detroit MI 48224 

Admission at the door: $20.00 per person

2016 Honorees:

Randa Anderson represented by Ora Dean Winbush

Carl Gregory represented by Denise Sears (cousin)

Clarence Hammond represented by Denise Sears (cousin)

Reginald Lemont Cook represented by Gerilyn Cook( mother)

Lisa Gause represented by Dorothy Gause (mother)

Scott Groat represented by Mary Groat (mother)

Joseph and Brian McClendon Jr represented by their mother Toni McClendon

David Damesworth represented by his wife Kim Damesworth

RSVP by phone: (248) 234-8368 by email: or by website:

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