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Stephanie Richards is the founder of Women Living In Purpose (WLIP); a support network for women. Her past experiences, life lessons and spirituality inspired the creation of WLIP. Stephanie developed a keen awareness of world views at an early age; a child of an interracial couple in the 1970’s when racial mixing was still considered taboo. She witnessed first-hand the challenges that came along with being a biracial child and quickly learned the importance of cultural understanding, whereas she gained a deep respect for diversity and racial differences. 

Stephanie remembers the first time she felt compassion. “I was around six years old and I won a trip to The White House for scoring third place in a school project. I felt proud to be there and I marveled at the beauty and the grandness of it all. My mother was waiting for me across the street at the designated pick up spot. I was so excited that I could barely get the words out, when a man lying on the ground with a paper bag covering his head caught my attention. I asked my mother “why is that man laying on the ground and why does he have a bag covering his head? My mother said “ Steph, he’s homeless which means, he doesn’t have a place to live and the bag is to help keep him warm”. I turned my attention back to the White House that was maybe 200 feet away and I said “he can live there”.

Since that time, Stephanie has volunteered her time at homeless shelters, soup kitchens, youth homes and personally donated clothing, food and funds to charities, goodwill’s and clothes closets. Stephanie’s life and learned skills has allowed her to support the community by serving as a grant reviewer for both non-profit and for profit organizations that apply for federal grants to start and or sustain community programs.

Stephanie has worked for many major corporations within the automotive, manufacturing and healthcare industries. She has more than 20 years of valuable experience focused in conflict resolution, training and development, negotiation skills, diversity, human resource administration and organizational development. Stephanie’s thirst for knowledge and love of learning has allowed her to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing (B.S.), a Master of Business Administration degree with a specialization in Human Resource Management (M.B.A.) as well as currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Public Administration.

In addition to a successful corporate career she is the owner of Delicious Events Catering, a company that promises to “bring the buffet to you” as well as offer delicious food at affordable prices,

Stephanie believes that everything in life is purposeful and her un-wavered belief in GOD tells her that she is now living in her purpose; to share with others what she has learned from education, business, heartaches, challenges and triumphs. Stephanie’s advice to women everywhere is, “to let spirit guide you, move past fear and take a chance".  

Our Mission and Vision TM

Our mission is to build a nation of wealthy women by partnering with them to discover and fulfill their life’s purpose through knowledge, practice and application.

Our vision is to become partners in purpose to women globally and inspire them to live life now, to their fullest potential without regret or fear.

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