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Women Living In Purpose (WLIP) views itself as a Collective Business/Support Organization in that it is collectively made up of many women with diverse talents, back-grounds and beliefs. Together we can rebuild ourselves, our families and our communities. Women have unique roles in our society i.e. be role models for their children, be supportive wives and partners, maintain their homes and help/provide financial means for themselves and families. WLIP will use the collective resources of the members to teach each other how to fill in educational gaps, banish self-esteem issues, revitalize our communities and eliminate financial deficits.

Women Living In Purpose (WLIP) is an organization designed to help women reach their fullest potential and live the life they were meant to live.

WLIP encourages, mentors, trains and partners with other women whom have a desire to help themselves, their fellow sisters and their community.

This is achieved through various methods that include:

Basic Skills Training – job readiness assessments, resume writing, interviewing skills, dress for success, time management.

Mentor-ship/Sisterhood – group outings, community volunteering, support groups.

Personal/Spiritual Development – health and nutrition education, parenting skills courses, guided meditation, counseling, self-esteem building, self-love assignments.

Advanced Courses – Entrepreneurship classes, small business consultation, partnership opportunities.

In addition to WLIP’s regular services; we also have a youth mentor-ship division for young women ages 14-18 years of age.

The young women’s youth mentor-ship program is designed to build positive character using positive youth development approaches such as goal setting, career-pathing, volunteering in community services, helping the elderly and mentoring younger children.

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